Sunday, December 18, 2005

Abolish the FCC

If, by some peculiar hiccup in the fabric of the universe, I were put in a position of some power in the federal government, one of my first acts would be to abolish the Federal Communications Commission, the agency formed to crush the freedom of speech and the press in the electronic media.

Patrick Sovereign explains how Howard Stern's jump to Sirius is a blow against the empire.

"To be totally honest I have only listened to Howard Stern maybe twice but that is my choice which is exactly the point here.

"The Government has no right ( and I don't give flying flip what the FCC says) to tell you what you can and cannot listen to or watch for that matter. The Government is not your father and it is NOT your mother and it's about time people start taking responsibility for their own and more importantly the lives of their children.

"If Howard Stern says something that offends you or you find in poor taste then CHANGE THE FREAKIN CHANNEL!"


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