Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A new resource

It's now a federal crime to irritate someone via e-mail without using your "real" name.

Joshua Frank reminds us that MoveOn.org doesn't seem to have a problem with Democrats who support illegal wars and invasions of civil liberties.

There are new calls to impeach Dick Cheney and Tony Blair on our way to the big kahuna.

I found all these articles in a new Web site called "Big Brother Watch: Monitoring Assaults on Civil Liberties." It looks pretty good early on, although I'd like to hear more about its author's vision of "global economic sustainability" before I fully endorse it. [UPDATE: I read that wrong; make it "global ecological sustainability." I still want to know more about how he intends to accomplish such before I jump on the turnip truck.] On the other hand, you don't have to fully embrace a fella to know he's performing a service.

Here's a news release about it that I got from a friend in the Badger State:

Is Freedom Dead? Big Brother Watch Launches from WI

New Web Site Dedicated to Monitoring Assaults on Civil Liberties


By Free Earth Internet, Contact: Dr. Glen Barry

(Denmark, Wisconsin) - Domestic spying, government sponsored torture and imprisonment without charges by the Bush administration merely continues the global trend towards government usurpation of civil liberties in the name of security. A new nonpartisan web site entitled "Big Brother Watch" at http://www.bigbrotherwatch.org/ and based in Wisconsin has been launched to monitor government assaults upon civil liberties and human rights.

Big Brother Watch is an Internet search tool that provides access to reviewed civil liberty news, information retrieval tools, and in the near future will offer original analysis and protest opportunities. The site seeks to turn the tables on increasing government intrusion into the private lives of its citizens. While Big Brother Watch is national and international in scope, it is based and run from the Green Bay, Wisconsin area

"Living in a Bush dominated world is downright creepy - something right out of the book 1984," explains Dr. Glen Barry, the site's creator and Denmark, Wisconsin native. "Authoritarian government threatens us all."

"Big Brother Bush and cronies have undermined the liberty and freedom that are the very basis of America's liberal democracy, while loosing a state of perma-war upon the world. There are other manners to address murderous fanaticism that do not require dismantling civil liberties. It is vital that freedom from government spying and other abuses in America and the rest of the free world not be permanently lost in order to provide a false sense of security. Then the murderers have won."

Big Brother Watch is a personal project of Dr. Glen Barry, who makes environmental portals with Ecological Internet ( http://www.ecoearth.info/ ). In discussing his motivations for launching the site, he notes "liberal democracies are by definition turbulent, and there is always death and conflict. Civil liberties are not a luxury to be enjoyed only in the good times. Liberty and freedom are a way of life that must be exercised as more than rhetoric at all times or they may be lost forever."

"Threats to civil liberties and the environment are so grave that all right minded people must sacrifice now for their protection, or there will be little real freedom and operable ecosystems within our lifetimes. As an ecologist, it has become clear to me that Bush's militarism and authoritarianism makes progress towards global ecological sustainability nearly impossible."

Big Brother Watch will work to ensure that freedom and liberty are not traded for a false sense of security. There can be no lasting, real security without liberty, freedom, peace, equity, ecosystems and justice.


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