Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The best Super Bowl ad

At first I thought it was a remake of the famous Macintosh Super Bowl ad with its vision of a dark totalitarian future. But a few seconds in, I sat up in my seat and said, "Hey! It's a trailer for V for Vendetta!"

Oh my, does it look tasty. And the ad even featured the immortal tagline: "People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people." A wonderfully Revolutionary thought, in the 1776 tradition.

Things have seemed a little wintry on the freedom blogs lately - much bleak news, many of the regulars I frequent seeming tired. Or maybe I'm just projecting my winter blahs on others. In any case, V for Vendetta is looking more and more like a fresh breath of spring. No, the bread and circuses of a good movie can't change anything - or maybe it can. A Serenity here, a V for Vendetta there, and eventually people might start thinking for themselves.

So others may have liked the FedEx caveman, or the magic fridge, or the baby Clydesdale - but the V for Vendetta trailer was the Super Bowl ad highlight for me, for the surge of energy and excitement that shot through me when I saw that mask. I'll be in a theater near me March 17, soaking it in.

P.S. My hapless computer didn't run the trailer very smoothly, but no doubt you have a fancier machine than I do. Enjoy!


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