Thursday, February 15, 2007

The four seasons

A little snow and a little cold tend to drive the average mass media types into a tizzy. Pictures of people coping with the white stuff, cars in ditches, cute feature stories like the chilly Valentine's Day wedding line at the courthouse.

Not meaning to "bah humbug" all their fun, but jeez Louise folks, it's just snow and cold. Anybody notice it's February?

As long as the heat is working in the house and car, I'd rather deal with snow and cold than a muggy 98-degree day. I guess that's why I live far enough north that hot and muggy is the exception rather than the rule.

All life choices involve choices. I choose the four seasons.

Now. Where did I put the #!@*$!?! snow shovel?


Blogger Dr. Lenny said...

i grew up in your neck of the woods - matewan for grade school before moving to allentown pa for junior high and high school. now, i live in a land where snow is a novelty and i no longer need a flat shovel (cept for moving manure). snow is easier, but ... . interesting how the heat works - i wonder how much we really know about our climate. but i agree - snow is more fun that being baked - here in oregon we don't get that extreme either. of course, we don't get the economy of having lots of people doing stuff, nor the NJ turnpike, so i guess we are in the same boat anyway. happy blogging

12:56 PM  
Anonymous Tom Ender said...

I like three of the seasons. I could deal easily with a rotation through Spring, Summer and Autumn.

5:57 AM  

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