Saturday, January 12, 2008

Why I will vote in the Republican primary

I have sworn off voting. At best it's a symbolic exercise, at worst a condoning of the use of force and the throttling of freedom. But I now feel compelled to participate in this symbolic act one last time, and here are two minutes that summarize why.

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Blogger Kacela said...

I too was totally put off by politics - until I heard Ron Paul speak. He tells it like is - he doesn't sugarcoat things or pander to the particular audience he's talking to at the time. You can somehow just sense Ron Paul is telling the truth. After 7 years of being continuously lied to by the current administration, it's a welcome change. He is also the only one who is making any sense at all. I will be voting for him in my states primary - I even went so far as to change my political party affiliation from "undeclared" to Republican so that I can support him in my states closed primary.

For those of you wish to see if your states primaries are open or closed, go here:

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