Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Enemy is Always the State

Lew Rockwell has a nice summary of why opposing statism seems to make people wander all over the political spectrum, as "both sides" of our current political debate embrace statism in all its ugly power and glory.

The link led me to the Web home of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, where Tuesday's lead article is "The Government's Statistical Whopper of the Year," as Robert P. Murphy deciphers how — believe it or no — the U.S. government reported that gasoline prices fell 4.6 percent in April. No, really. And I took Rockwell's advice to read "Our Enemy the State" by A.J. Nock and downloaded the short book off the Mises literature site.

This fun little excursion is all courtesy of Ender's Review, Tom Ender's weekly digest of "Web articles of likely interest to individualists found during the preceding week." I almost never get through the whole list because I end up on side excursions like the one described above. There doesn't seem to be enough time to find and post links to all of the good writing about the state and the individual that is written every week, so I'm grateful for Tom's weekly effort. I don't think I've mentioned that enough, so I just did.

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