Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Police state news

Some morons broke windows on a police car and threw stuff Monday during demonstrations near the Republican National Convention — those reports were easy to find. "Sporadic violence" results in 284 arrests.

But the earlier pre-emptive strikes by the goons of the police state — those were a little harder to seek out, although semi-mainstream Salon had good summaries here and here.

Salon blogger Glenn Greenwald calls St. Paul "the most militarized I have ever seen an American city be" here.
... even more so than Manhattan in the week of 9/11 -- with troops of federal, state and local law enforcement agents marching around with riot gear, machine guns, and tear gas cannisters, shouting military chants and marching in military formations. Humvees and law enforcement officers with rifles were posted on various buildings and balconies. Numerous protesters and observers were tear gassed and injured.
On the various news channels, none of this is happening, as far as I can determine — although I confess to being a very sporadic news channel watcher.



Blogger Mark said...

I can't remember where I read it, but one fellow remarked that we might as well hold these conventions on military bases.

8:08 PM  
Anonymous lewlew said...

I read a commentary about Amy Goodman's arrest, after inquiring about the arrest of her co-workers. All three had visible, verifiable press credentials. You can see some of the footage on youtube, and on the Democracy Now! website if you have the right viewer.

Read Amy's version of the arrests at the RNC here: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/opinion/377611_amyonline04.html

3:10 AM  

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