Thursday, January 15, 2009

Losing it all

Eventually, I will lose every thing and everyone. All of my property, all of my possessions, everyone and everything I hold dear, including my ability to breathe and function in this interesting world that is all I know. And so will you.

At some point this simple fact will catch up to you and (figuratively) take your breath away. It did to me the first time it sunk in, and it still overwhelms me for a moment every time I remember.

And yet ... and yet ... somehow this basic truth — that no one here gets out alive — is empowering. Perhaps because — no, probably because knowing I will lose it all helps me focus on what it is I want to preserve as long as I can.

(There's more brewing in my heart and mind on this subject, but I post this unfinished because you never know if you're going to finish any given day, and I'd hate to have that thought hidden away in draft form forever. I plan to come back to expand this, but on the off chance that I can't or won't ... here it is.)

Friday morning update: I'm still vertical; just haven't had time to add thoughts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take your time:
"We are the Guests of Eternity"
Mahmoud Darwish

1:11 PM  

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