Wednesday, April 15, 2009

'I Dreamed A Dream'

Believe in your dream, and don't let anyone take it away or ridicule you into surrendering it.

We have seen this sequence on numerous American Idol episodes - the little person with a big dream who gets up in front of the judges and, well, she's not as big as she thinks she is.

But every so often - she is as big as the dream.

From Britain's Got Talent, it's seven and a half minutes you will not regret watching. Watch this.

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Anonymous lewlew said...

I found this video to be quite amazing.

1:09 AM  
Anonymous dare2bfree said...

The Mr. and I heard about this first on NPR yesterday afternoon and then he looked up the video on YouTube and showed me last night.

I think the whole thing is amazing. The best part was the looks on all those faces - especially the judges - when she started singing.

The world in general and the music business specifically has allowed looks to cloud their judgment and in some cases turn a blind eye to someone who is amazing at what they do. I hope she wins the whole shebang. I also hope that at least one person in that audience learns the lesson that weight and looks do not define a person - who they are or what they can do.

8:26 AM  

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