Monday, August 24, 2009

Live Till You Die

Song lyrics I wrote a long, long time ago ...

Nobody said that it would be easy,
Everyone said it could not be done —
But nobody said it would not be worth it,
So go for it now; you've only begun.

There's no shame in failing before the end comes;
Where there's life, there is hope you'll get done.
It's better to try, give it all that you have,
Than aim for nothing and hit it dead on.

There's just too many people out there
Who don't care if they live or they die;
There's just so much to find out there —
You can't laugh if you're afraid to cry.

Here's what to do: Live till you die.
There's no reason you should give up now.
Today is a blank page; write what you wish —
The rising sun will show you how.



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