Monday, July 09, 2007

Goin' fer it

There seems to be some steeling of will going on in the section of the blogosphere I regularly cruise.

Sunni has embarked on a mysterious adventure and paused long enough to send a message that includes, among other observations: "Many times when a person says "I can't," what is meant is "I won't."

Claire, meanwhile, says she is wrestling with decisions, and the "impractical" choice seems to be winning her soul. And she writes that it calls to her, "Go for it. Damn the caution. Damn the consequences. Life will provide."

They seem to be in the process of going for it, whatever "it" may be in their lives. I, too, have my share of choices, and the easy one is the status quo. But it leaves a lingering sense of uneasiness. Should I go for it, too? Problem is, I can't decide which "it" to go for. Or perhaps, as Sunni wisely notes, I won't.



Anonymous John Newman said...

Saying, "I won't" doesn't necessarily mean, "you can't."

11:11 AM  
Blogger lemme howdt said...

i can relate to this too. Things started howdt odd and then got really different really fast. Not that different is bad - but value judgments get changed rapidly when dealing with new concerns. I tend to trust sunni and claire, but the bloggosphere is a collection of individuals attempting to make their way in an ever increasingly unfriendly world - where they play whack-a-mole with anyone who is different.

9:34 PM  
Anonymous Taran Jordan said...

Now you've really got me intrigued, B.W. I second that great thought of john newman's - perfect!

I too have noticed how there often seems to be a common thought wavelength among fellow travelers. Which IMHO is extremely cool - because we can bolster one another while gaining great insights from how others handle the details of their personal challenges.

There's a sense of anticipation, of hushed lovely mystery, of a jumping-off point happening for a lot of us soon. Maybe it has to do with taking up the gauntlet of living our secretly desired freedom in real time - something we never quite imagined we could, until just lately?

Anyway, I wish you much delight in whatever your own mystery happens to be. Thanks for putting the feeling into words. :-)


11:22 PM  

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