Friday, November 09, 2007

Ender's game is changing

I have been remiss in not welcoming Tom Ender to the blogosphere, sort of. Tom has been around since before I was, with his indispensible "Ender's Review" of the best freedom stuff on the Web every week and his invaluable "This Weekend" preview of the best freedom-related films coming up on television. (As someone who dumped premium movie channels in exchange for the ability to choose my "Netflix," it's a little frustrating to see how few freedom movies are shown on "free" cable channels - but then, maybe it's true what our rulers say: Freedom isn't free. You pay extra for organic food, too.)

Until the recent launch of "Memory, Making, Meaning," Tom has limited his writing to the occasional essay as one of Sunni's Conspirators and/or his Endervidualism site - he shared a blog or two but now he's got his own. It's fun to have another place to visit for thoughts, odds and ends every day.

Tom uses the blog today to say he's pulling back from "This Weekend" while he develops a more efficient format. Seems doing it the old way was so time-consuming he didn't have time to work on the fix.

Now there's a frustrating situation that I'll bet many of us have encountered here and there - "I know I could do this task in a better way, but it takes so much time to do the task that I don't have time to develop the better way." It takes a little courage to just stop doing the task for a while, develop the better way, and then go for it - but in the long run, everyone'll be happier, methinks.

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