Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sudsy setback

After my triumphant beginning Tuesday morning, a minor bump on the superhighway to literary fulfillment. The alarm went off at the same time this morning, I stumbled out of bed after an interesting dream the same way, staggered down to my play station (I shall refuse to call writing my Great Freedom Novel "work") and accomplished nothing in an hour or so.

Wha happened?

Reconstructing the previous 12 hours, I was struck by the fact that I spent three hours in front of the television set and consumed a greater amount of my favorite adult beverage than usual Tuesday night.

Moral of the story: If I spend that much time and effort shutting my brain down for the night, I should not be surprised if jumpstarting my brain is a major task in the morning.

Onward and upward.

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Anonymous sunni said...

Sounds like a worthwhile lesson ... although I'd blame the boobtube more than the suds for the cerebral shutdown.

But, you've started it! No guarantees the path will be smooth and level ...

9:35 AM  
Anonymous John Newman said...

The Score:
Big Q 1

11:56 AM  

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