Wednesday, November 14, 2007


When I wrote about fear mongers the other day, I got a comment from a poster who understood half of the problem. He decried the fear mongers of the "left" who turn to government for protection against global warming, for example. But he has been caught by the fear mongers of the "right."
The real threat, of the religion of “peace” that is on a ca,piagn of ‘convert or die!’ and a global repressive Islamic Caliphate by force. (sic)
Fear mongering is fear mongering. The odds that you will encounter an "islamo-fascist" bent on your death on any given day is roughly the same as the odds you will drown in flood waters from melted icecaps or contract cancer from a passing cigarette. Yet worshippers of the state are agitating daily to restrict your freedom in exchange for protection from these phantom menaces.

Don't give in. Refuse to let fear control your life. Refuse to let them control you by making you afraid. And don't be a half-wit: Both branches of the Big Government Party are hard at work stoking the flames of fear. It's not just the "other" party that plays this game.

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Anonymous lewlew said...

Correct, correct, correct!

Fear can make us stronger, too, but only if we face it down.

12:59 PM  

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