Monday, December 17, 2007

Worst. Ad campaign.Ever

It's bad enough that it was cold and windy in New Jersey last night, that the Giants and Washington stunk up the joint and the Giants stunk worse, and that NBC showed wonderful scenic shots of Manhattan Island and never got around to mentioning that the game was being played in New Jersey. (That, of course, is mainly the fault of the managements of the New Jersey Giants and the New Jersey Jets, but I digress.)

No, what made me realize how much time I was wasting was the three or four ludicrous Wendy's commercials. I don't know what lunatic(s) decided that using men dressed in phony wigs with little girl's pigtails would help them sell hamburgers. All I know is the person(s) who approved this stupid ad campaign is (are) insane. I like Wendy's food (as fast-food stuff goes) but I, for one, have been less inclined to drive up to Wendy's since this bizarre campaign started.

Someone make it stop. Please.



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