Monday, January 14, 2008

On second thought ...

... you have to wonder what's the point of voting if The Powers That Be don't plan to count your vote.

The general consensus among reporters, editors and political insiders that Paul will not win and therefore deserves little or no coverage - combined with incidents such as the disappearance of 31 votes for Paul in Sutton, N.H. (would that error have been found and corrected if the total hadn't originally been reported as zero?) tends to dampen what little enthusiasm I had worked up for one last trip to the local polling place.

A fascinating new site called raises some chilling questions about what's going on out there. It turns out that when votes were filled out by the voter's hand in New Hampshire, Barack Obama outpolled Hillary Clinton by 38-35 percent - but when voters used machines (with no legitimate paper trail), Clinton had a 40-36 percent advantage. The result was a 39-37 percent Clinton victory that went against every pre-election poll. You have to wonder who programmed the voting machines, and how.

Here is the Democratic breakdown, and here is the Republican breakdown, where Ron Paul again nudged past Giuliani among the paper votes.

Joseph Stalin famously said, "He who votes decides nothing; he who counts the votes decides everything." In increasingly Stalinist America, Obama and Paul voters may just be S.O.L.



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