Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Girls in Their Summer Clothes

Soundtrack: "The Girls in Their Summer Clothes," Bruce Springsteen

This is the time of year when a pair of sunglasses comes in handy. As women start to wear their summer clothes, it's embarrassing to have some sweet young thing notice that this middle-aged-plus lecher is admiring her. Yes, "The girls in their summer clothes pass me by" nowadays, but it is still a pleasure to watch them pass.

I think the average woman would be shocked (and perhaps even disgusted) if she realized how many times a day a man looks her way and assesses how much fun it would be to make love to her. At least I think that's true, based on my years of being inside the skin of a male beast, as well as conversations with other males.

It's especially true this time of year, with the girls in their summer clothes. Of course they pass me by, but it's OK; I'm just looking anyway — and thinking.

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