Friday, September 25, 2009

'All government of every stripe'

I'm not that familiar with Glenn Beck the radio/TV host, but if the stuff he's quoted as writing in here is any indication, not wonder TPTB are working to destroy him.
Our collective experience since the Founding has taught us that all governments of every stripe are fascist in nature. They will gobble up as much money, resources, and people as possible unless adequately checked. Governments are never static; they always grow. Communism, fascism, socialism, imperialism, and statism are all different ends accomplished through the same means: totalitarian, absolute government control over the individual. All these 'isms' simply reflect the mistaken belief that progressively larger governments are needed to address our problems.
Thoughtful insights.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the same Glenn Beck who accused Ron Paul supporters of being terrorists and Islamofascists (whatever that is).
The same Glenn Beck that supported the Bush wars and Homeland Security and every other rotten and evil thing that regime instigated against us.
Now he's claiming to be a small 'l' libertarian.
Give me an effing break.

9:34 AM  

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