Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Comics worlds conglomerate,
and Vin tackles Teddy

Growing up with comic books, Marvel Comics and Disney Comics were worlds apart. Rather, Disney was what little kids read, and Marvel was what you grew into. It was much later that I discovered there was some sublime work being done by the Disney creators, too. But they were two different worlds.

No more. In this era of greater and greater conglomeration, Disney and Marvel are now conglomerated. Howard and Donald under the same web-footed roof. Cinderella meets The Thing. Of course Walt's heirs sucked up Pixar some years ago. Buzz Lightyear? Hulk smash! Emperor Zurg versus Dr. Doom for domination of the universe ...

It's about the movies and the theme parks, though. As Mark Evanier put it so well Monday, "the publishing of comic books (those things on paper with staples in them) at that company is a few notches less important than it was last week. And it wasn't all that important last week."

Oh, and thanks to my curiosity about Sen. Harry Reid's latest display of arrogance, I wondered what Vin's been up to, and I browsed my way into to the best single article written about Sen. Kennedy in recent days — or perhaps ever. Enjoy.

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