Saturday, March 18, 2006

Ideas are bulletproof

From the opening scenes of the X-Men III trailer to the final fadeout of the Warner Brothers logo after the end titles, watching V for Vendetta was one satisfying night at the movies. The film is so true to the story and spirit of Alan Moore's graphic novel that the biggest mystery is the credit "Based on the graphic novel drawn by David Floyd" because Moore insisted that his name be removed from the project. It is so true that I found myself looking around to see how the audience would react to the plot twists that surprised me when I read the original.

No, my tingly-spine moment didn't make the cut when they wrote the screenplay - but I had the spine-tingling satisfaction of hearing my mantra recited onscreen: "Then you have no fear anymore - you're completely free." Refuse to be afraid - what a liberating theme.

The Wachowski Brothers and director James McTeigue have crafted a great movie, an important movie that ought to get viewers thinking about where our world is heading, if anyone can think clearly anymore. Less than perfect: First, the dystopian leader is so over-the-top evil that it would be easy to rationalize, "Well, at least our own leaders aren't that crazy." Second, the Wachowskis' V is more sympathetic than Moore's V. The graphic novel leaves us wondering; the film seems to say of course the ends justifies the means. Finally and most imperfect, I know the climactic scene is meant to be symbolic, and it's very effective, but I don't see thousands of people all dressing alike and marching together as a triumph for individual freedom.

But wow, I forgive them those flaws for bringing this story to a mass audience that needs desperately to see it. Let's see how it plays in the real world from here.

Race to the theater to see this movie. Freedom lovers will be talking about it for a long time.


Blogger jomama said...

...if anyone can think clearly anymore.

Reading your post, that phrase jumped up and bit me on the ass.

I doubt they can. The evidence is in.

Maybe after 7-8 movies like office hits...

8:15 AM  

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