Saturday, February 02, 2008

Taking control of your TV lineup

Wally Conger is weathering the Writers Guild of America strike by revisiting some of his favorite shows on DVD - he and his significant other are currently winding their way through Veronica Mars, which is up there somewhere on my 10-greatest-shows-of-all-time list (at least I think so - I've never actually thought through such a list ... hmmm! But I digress).

On a somewhat related note, the folks at Starpulse have imagined a world where all TV shows ever made are currently in production, and they've drafted a seven-night primetime schedule of the best shows ever. It's a very tasty lineup and of course an irresistible conversation starter (WTF! Where's Veronica? TNG instead of DS9!? What about Wonderfalls? The Avengers? Homicide: Life on the Street?). I love their Tuesday nights best.



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