Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ron Paul sneaks past challenger with 70%

No, there's no bias in the media, as this ABC News story reveals: "Ron Paul survives challenge: White House contender raised millions but nearly lost day job."
Ron Paul will live to fight another day.

The fiery Republican with a libertarian bent survived a strong challenge to his day job in Congress on Tuesday, besting a well-funded challenger.
No vote totals in the ABC story, so I had to go to CBS News to discover that "a strong challenge" means Paul's primary opponent mustered only 30 percent of the votes in that Texas congressional district.

Meanwhile, my speculation that Hillary Clinton's campaign might depend on the Diebold vote in Ohio came true, as the machines showed her winning the Buckeye State bigtime while sneaking past Obama in Texas and Rhode Island. Hillarious.

What do you think? I hear New Zealand's a beautiful place to live, but Canada's closer.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mexico is warmer and less regulated and I hear they have really good Mexican food. Heck, Fred Reed calls it home. John Newman

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