Monday, December 01, 2008

The State as speed bump

Now here is an interesting conversation over at Sunni's blog, as anarcho-libertarians discuss the questions that "given that we live in a world dominated by states, at what point does interacting with them 'cross the line' and become immoral? How is the line determined?"

My light-bulb-flash moment came as "galacticmonk" mused:
my evolution started with attraction to free markets & liberty. from there i became active, getting angry (reacting emotionally) at the constant barrage of noise that conflicted with my ideal (at the time) libertarian paradise.

soon i started to realize that the perpetual stream of things that go against my current understanding would eat away at my core. i had to re-evaluate what was important. and frankly the state ranked so far down the list that it became a non-factor.

as soon as living a meaningful life and finding joy in the day-to-day aspect of it became my reason for being here, the state was like a speed bump--annoying but something i really had no control over (unless i chose a different road of course).
So here's a guy, me, whose entire career has been in media/news, with news defined as observing and explaining the latest stuff that The State is doing. I'm all wrapped up in watching The State, and I hear that "living a meaningful life and finding joy in the day-to-day aspect of it" is probably best accomplished by not getting all wrapped up in watching The State. I know this instinctively, but haven't seen it verbalized quite this neatly for a while.

Should I seek a journalistic beat that doesn't involve itself so much in State News, or seek a completely different path that takes me out of my media/news comfort zone but into something a little more joyful because it does not expose me to The State every day? This is the question that's been driving me nuts for some time, in part because I haven't phrased the question so well before.

As for the answer ... Stay tuned. And remind me that I was talking to myself when I said "Stay tuned."

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Anonymous dare2bfree said...

galacticmonk did a great job at stating what I have come to understand myself over the last few months.

Whether you decide that you need to find another niche or not is something only you can decide. You're in a unique position that most of us are not in. I have the option of turning off the TV and ignoring the newspaper and internet feeds. Some can turn their mind off of work when they are not there.... others cannot. Which type do you think you are?

If you cannot leave your job or you decide that it is not the best option for you & your family, I think that making sure you take the time to do things that you enjoy and trying to have as much freedom as you can in your day to day life would help with the "State" overload.

I've tried to do this myself by going about and living my life as I would if the State didn't matter - cause it doesn't. Like others, I am a "legally" licensed driver, pay my auto/home taxes & insurance and all that. But that is a pittance to be left alone. I play the game as much as possible and work it to my favor every chance I get. Does it bother me that I basically pay to do things that I shouldn't have to pay or ask permission for? Sometimes. And those are the times when I realize that I'm not doing enough for fun and that my priorities need to be re-evaluated as they do from time to time.

At this point in my life, I have stopped fighting them head on. I can use that energy in other areas that are much more entertaining. I just laugh at them and go about my business.

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What state? I don't see any state.
Could it be that, if you see a state or are thinking about a state, you are in the wrong kind of state of mind?
What state?

11:02 AM  
Anonymous dare2bfree said...

Could it be that, if you see a state or are thinking about a state, you are in the wrong kind of state of mind?

Ha! Good point there JN!

11:12 AM  
Anonymous sunni said...

I wish you all the best as you seek your answer. (Great comment, too, JN!)

12:38 PM  

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