Thursday, December 18, 2008

You tell them 'stay' and they just don't listen

One of the guys brought his new puppy into work the other day, a German shepherd. Cute little thing. Before I realized it I was on the office floor petting him and saying hello.

Shopping for Christmas presents the other day, I came face-to-face with a little stuffed German shepherd puppy toy and my heart melted.

And this morning, going through my unplayed podcast queue, I found the "D-Day" episode of Len TV over at Jawbone. It's about the day Len and Nora picked up a puppy for their daughter's birthday. It's a wheaten terrier, not a German shepherd, but still my mind flashed back to the helpless little ball of fur who loved to snuggle on my chest and never stopped trying to do that when he grew to 55-60 pounds.

How is it possible, three years after my beloved Tucker left this plane of existence, that from time to time, he still breaks my heart? That darn dog. I really miss him sometimes.


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