Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Betrayals on every side

"The Republican senators flinched, and in last week's so-called "compromise" chose Bush over the Constitution. In doing so, they turned their backs on a rule of law that stretches back over nearly eight centuries to an epic moment in 1215 on a meadow by the River Thames in the United Kingdom."
"Such chilling enthusiasm for torture was once confined to an underclass with whom no decent person associated: gangs from the inner cities, mobsters, dictators in banana republics."
"The details of the torture bill vivify how our politicians no longer give a darn about maintaining even a pretense of due process. The agreement will permit the use of coerced confessions in military tribunals — turning the judicial clock back to the 1600s."
It is a dreary day in September, and the clocks are striking thirteen.


Blogger Gospazha said...

"Dreary"... yes, indeed.

I had someone say the most saddening, defeating, crushing thing to me yesterday, which I have not yet blogged about because I'm still in shock that it came from someone who, until recently, I considered to be reasonably skeptical.

Oddly enough, though what he said was a serious blow to my own optimism and comfort, I was accused of being too negative and was told that my views left nothing left to look forward to.

Perhaps tonight I'll work out something worthwhile on the subject, but dreary sums it up nicely.

6:32 PM  

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