Monday, April 09, 2007

Building freedom revisited

Yeah, I have a link to James Leroy Wilson's "Building Freedom" down there on the "Other People's Greatest Hits" list, but even I forgot how good it is. Today's sound advice:

"Don’t be discouraged, and don’t waste time on arguing with people. The real blessing of the libertarian philosophy is the moral and psychological benefit of how you treat others and how you view yourself. Freedom is really a state of mind, more than a political condition. Be happy that minds are opened, and that some minds are changed, don’t remain bitter, angry, and frustrated because great masses don’t listen. Read Isaiah’s Job. Other people's problems and character defects are not yours, and you - and no one else, let alone great masses of people - are responsible for your own happiness."

You never noticed that link!?! Try this. Check out the others, too, they're all gems.


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