Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pro-freedom versus anti-government, cont'd

Where there's Lightning, there's also Thunder. The other half of the equation also posted on this question of pro-freedom versus anti-government. I hate to skip to the end and ignore all the cogent setup, but:

The next time you post on your favorite internet forum or have a conversation with friends or, more importantly, setting your own personal goals, will you be posting an article about the latest government intrusion or discussing how the government is violating the Constitution? Or will you be discussing how you are creating freedom for yourself and your family or learning from others and how they've paved their road to freedom?

Sure, all this discussion started a week ago ... ages by Internet standards. Sorry to join the party late. I don't have much to add, other than a bit of a resolve to seek out pro-freedom news and information, rather than anti-government stuff. It's more than just the old saw, "Yeah, everybody knows there's a problem, let's see your solution, smart guy." The solutions are out there and much more interesting than the latest pogrom anyway. I think a little outrage needs to be directed where appropriate, but I agree it'll be more productive in the long run to keep the focus (as much as practicable) on freedom's successes rather than government's failures.

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