Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday morning motivation

I may have mentioned I am a closet football fan, and I confess to having a friend or two in the Green Bay area, so I paid some attention to the hoopla of the past week since Brett Favre announced his retirement as quarterback of the Green Bay Packers.

Of all the stuff that's been written, the best column I encountered was from a journalism professor at the University of Missouri, of all things. It's about newspapering, and specifically "How Brett Favre could save journalism, if only we would pay attention." A sample:
5. He took big risks. He threw more what-the-hell passes (and interceptions) than anyone in the history of the league, and more touchdowns. When things got hard, he got bold.

Editors: There has never been a more troubled time in our industry. Do you respond with fear and caution – or dare to do your most courageous and creative journalism ever? Are you willing to succeed by daring to fail?
You know what's coming next, I hope: If you're not a journalist, read the article anyway and substitute your vocation where it says "editors." A lot of it fits any life situation, and it boils down to: Refuse to be afraid.

The article's at the Poynter Institute, here.

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Anonymous sunni said...

Thank you for posting this. Great motivation for every day.

9:47 AM  

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